Saturday, June 4, 2011

How To Build a Dragon Part One

My Waterloo Days is an annual festival here in Waterloo Iowa to celebrate Waterloo's cultural and recreational opportunities and every year my mom's school, Kittrell Elementary, participates in the parade. The theme for this year is Party 'Loo Style and the parade committee for this year only consisted of my mom (Linda Harris), Richard and I so we made a dragon. How do you make a dragon you say? 

Well let me show you. 

We started by looking up some reference on google of traditional chinese dragons and lions and then I made some sketches of how we generally wanted it to look.

The next thing we did was wander around the hardware store and find dragon supplies. We ended up with zip ties, hula hoops, garden sprinkler hose, and an exercise ball.

 We did many paper mache layers.
 Mores supplies.
 The jaw in progress.

 We built up his eyes with news paper and then covered it in model magic.

Luna helped monitor the progress.

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